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Sorry, too tired for a real post. But work was successful!!! Hooray, a new job! I actually have a lot of skills that directly related to my current job, and things went super swell today. Despite spilling my coffee on my arm on my way into work. Ha.

At lunch time, I saw three ragged turkey-vultures strutting their stuff across a parking lot. I got a really bad random pic of them, and am posting for your humor.

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's SUPERMAN... or something like that.

After work, I got stuck in tons of traffic, a fact I must come to accept now. That steamy brake smell was coming from me, since I’m not used to all the bumper-to-bumper.

Then I was greeted at home by my husband’s loving arms, dinner already made by him, and then some mountain biking. I can’t tell if I worked out really hard, or if the humidity is getting to me, but I am S-W-E-A-T-Y. As if you needed to know! We went over some downed trees, and my bike seat attacked my thigh/butt area. I’m gonna have a nasty bruise there. Another tree kinda scratched at me {meee-owww} but it’s all good. Battle wounds.

And even though I’ve only worked one day so far this week, I only have one word for tomorrow.