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Me in the car on our way to Atlanta

I want to share some images from our last trip to Atlanta. Fun times were had! Atlanta is unique in that the city is very spread out, so it’s extremely difficult (impossible?) to take a photo of the entire city line. Here’s a snapshot of what we did during our down time:

A small portion of the city.


Self explanatory

Coconut-almond and key-lime cupcakes

An owl in an antique shop


Cute little hand-made airstream


At the cutest hand-made craft store I fell in love with wallets, coin purses, journals with beautiful fabric coverings, a wood-carved pin with the image of birds on it, and this airstream.

We poked around an art gallery, and enjoyed the inhale of old wooden floors. The pictures were a little creepy; all featured people standing and staring.


A surprisingly good pizza restaurant

We stopped at Fritti, and had complimentary valet parking. Valet is not ever our first choice, but like I mentioned, it was free (sorry, I can be cheap!) I told my husband to make sure he grabbed his phone, and in the chaos of two red-shirted men running to our car, and opening our doors, we were suddenly standing sans car, and my husband had grabbed his water bottle. Just in case the restaurant didn’t have water, I guess.

The restaurant had a beautiful artsy outdoor sitting area, and featured ingredients imported solely from Italy. We had a salami and kalamata olive pizza that was actually very light and healthy. We left feeling as though we’d eaten a light lunch, instead of a heavy dinner.

I’m falling in love with Atlanta. Can’t wait to go back!