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Do you see this picture???? I promise it was an even tighter parking job in person. I had about six inches for me (the little blue car) to escape the harassment of the hell-fire beast (giganto-large red truck). I DON’T THINK SO! What is it with red trucks getting in my way in life?  {No offense to big red, back in Jville.. He did no harm.}

I was in a hurry as I ran errands on my lunch break, and all I wanted was out of this parking spot… Sans red paint on little Marine “Blue”. In the heat of the moment I got really ticked and wanted to sprawl “you suck” in red lipstick on the windshield of the truck. I admit I am human, I am normal, and my first reaction was to get mad. Had my day not already have sucked, I might have brushed this off, but brush it was the last thing I wanted to do.

Then I realized I had a job to do, and that was to spread God’s love around this world, not the devil’s hatred. And so, I calmly found the owner of said red offender truck, and sweetly put my hand on her shoulder and explained my -our- situation. She was embarrased, and said she hadn’t been driving the truck long. I felt awful at my original reaction, and knew it would have been a terrible mistake for me to get mad at something so silly.

I smiled and waved as she backed out to allow me to exit the parking lot. I’m thankfuk I took the opportunity to bless, instead of curse her.

Hoping you choose to do the same.