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There’s nothing quite like sisterly love.
I have one sister {birthday shoutout} who is a few years older than me, and many years wiser.

I have many fond memories with my sister, such as her younger self stomping off and slamming her bedroom door after Monday night family time; me lending her my brand new (unworn) clothes when I returned home from the store; my mom favoring her by mailing her dessert bars wrapped in tinfoil, and sending me home with lasagna in tinfoil instead (honest mistake); us driving to see each other for the weekend during college years; or flying together most years to spend her summer birthday at the beach.

I love my sister, and could never duplicate the type of relationship we have with anyone else. No one else can call me while she’s sitting on the pot and it be acceptable. No one else can watch me pick my nose and not be thoroughly disgusted. No one else will I let listen to the same Gnarles Barkley song over and over and over again without wringing her neck. (She will deny her infatuation with that song if questioned.)

There’s nothing like a sister’s love, tolerance, and advice. No one else can be so different from me, and love me anyway. No one else has such a similar laugh, such similar mannerisms, or funny nicknames for me.

I know that no matter what, I have a built-in friend, someone whom I can trust and love completely, without worrying about getting hurt or judged. Even if my “short” versions of my stories are still very very long. I can’t help it. I get it from my sister.