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Now that he’s napping, I have a little break to blog. Sounds like I’m talking about a newborn or a puppy, but I’m talking about my husband. You see, when we have a day off together and are both awake, I give my attention to him. Blogging takes the back burner, and I’m totally ok with that.

Well not entirely. I kept seeing the daunting “W” WordPress icon on my phone, and avoided it like I avoid my brother-in-law’s ham, pickles, mustard, and ketchup sandwiches. I knew that if I checked my stats, I would not find any actual viewing statistics, pushing me farther away from committing to write.

Sort of like while being anti-diet, (I don’t suggest it) when you know you haven’t been good, but avoid the scale anyway. The results don’t change depending on whether or not you check the scale. Put down the brownie, and go for a run.

Why haven’t I been blogging? Common FAQ’s:

Have I been on vacation? Nope.
Did a serious event happen to distract me? Nope.
Did I forget to pay the internet bill? Nope.
Was I hospitalized for malaria? Nope.
I’ve just been avoiding it, and spending my time doing other things, which brings me to this thought: “We do what we love.” Or, more accurately, “We make time for what we love.” 

If you claim you love God (and this goes for me, too) are you spending enough time with him? He’s waiting for you. Don’t complain that the kids keep you busy, soccer practice is a 45 minute drive, you need to grocery shop, or finish a project on the to-do list.

Make time for what you love.

Make time for God.

God always makes time for you.