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God and coffee. These are a few of my favorite things.

The message at church today was to rest. It’s part of a four-week series: rhythm, rest, renew, release.

Right now I feel a little unbalanced, not having my own house. I think my husband and I have a little too much “rest” time, which is why we are starting to volunteer in different areas to fulfill more of God’s work. So many people do not live life at a suitable pace, resulting in stress, being overworked, and even health problems.

REST… you will be glad you did. My mom used to tell me that the Caitlin who got six hours of sleep was not a happy Caitlin. The Caitlin who was fully rested did a much better job in school/work, and was so much easier to love. Who doesn’t want to be easy to love?

Arriving home, I made some iced coffee that was to die for. Here’s the recipe:

– Freshly brewed coffee, chilled for a few hours in the refrigerator
– Evaporated milk
– sweetened condensed milk (SCM)
– Ice

Mix the evap milk and SCM together and chill. Go easy on the SCM if you don’t like sweet coffee. Once cold, pour the mixture over ice (if you have a mason jar, it will taste extra yummy… promise) and slowly stir in the chilled coffee.

This was so tasty, even my non-coffee-drinking husband approved and gulped some down. Of course, I just added more SCM to his.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and have a wonderful start to your week. Remember, each day is a gift. Love, and love always.