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The weekend is always too short. I’d like to redefine the work week and make it four days long, leaving three for a weekend. Really I’d like to make it three days on, four days off, but that is not going to be ideal.

This weekend my husband and I took it easy, until we realized totally last-minute that the car registration expires TODAY…Monday. So on Saturday I got up as early as I would for work, did my makeup and hair (by doing my hair, I mean I cheated by only washing and styling my bangs) and headed out to get my new driver’s license. There’s always a nostalgic pull for me when I turn in an old license, and get a new one. For one, my “old” license didn’t expire until 2040. I AM NOT LYING. How rad is that to be almost old and have a picture from my twenties? Someone would probably think it was a fake ID.

The other reason is that it was my last ID in my maiden name. I actually enjoyed having the split identity. For the accounts which I was too lazy to send in a copy of my marriage certificate to update, I still had an ID in my name. For the accounts I simply had to update to my married name, I also had an ID in that name. Now I’m going to have to update some accounts (or pay off my debt and close them!). (Side note, we have not started looking for a home yet because we have decided to be debt-free when we buy a home…)

The moment I got my hands on my new license I was proud to be the newest resident of the big MD, and proud to see my married name listed on the ID. For realz.

I went home after spending what felt like forever at the DMV, and immediately changed into my pj’s, thinking I could go back to sleep. Then my sweet husband reminded me that we had to get an emissions test on the car before we could do the registration/plates today. Off with the pj’s, on with the “suitable for public” clothes, (not gonna catch me on People of Walmart) and off we went to the dealership. Twenty-five bucks later, we had some papers telling me what we already knew. The car is fine.

On our way home, we stopped at a motorcycle shop. Actually it was unplanned, and my husband almost drove past it, resulting in a turn at the last possible second, resulting in me bumping my head on the glass. I pretended to be passed out from the trauma so I wouldn’t have to endure looking at motorcycles, but this cute thing caught my eye and had me out of the car in a jiff:

OHH EMM GEE, I want one. I’ve already named her Mitzi. Or Molly. I can’t decide. But she is my new love. OBSESSED. OB-SESSED.

As I mentioned, we are trying to become debt-free in order to purchase our first home, so right now Mitzi/Molly will have to wait. (Did I mention she has a cup holder? Awesome!)

Until then, I’ll be walking, biking, or driving my newly-passed-emissions-test car around, pouting at anyone who owns a Vino moped. Cute cute cute.

Anyway, it’s time for work. Happy Monday.
Don’t just “have” a great day, MAKE it a great day!