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My value doesn’t come from the world. My value doesn’t come from “likes” and “friends,” “pokes,” picture tags, and stalking friends’ pictures (sorry!). My value doesn’t come from watering crops and posting funny bumper stickers to my Facebook page. My value comes from the one who created me.

My value lies in the Bible, my worth is great in the sight of God. The world cannot decide if I’m cool enough, this enough, that enough. God knows my heart, which is the only measurement that matters to me.

And so, the Facebook strike continues. I thought about sneaking on this afternoon to see what I had missed, until I realized that I probably wasn’t missed. In fact, there are so many “friends” on fb, that I probably wouldn’t notice if someone (not close to me) went on a fb hiatus. What does that say about us?

I would rather keep my friends close; close enough to see and interact with on a regular basis. Even if I’m not missed online, I still have the truest friend ever, my Savior. His book is the only book that matters.