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Here is my quick post to answer some quick Q’s, to pretend that I actually blogged today. THINGS I LOVE AND WHATNOT.

What what what? (For the most part.)

What blog am I loving? Dani Hampton: read this!

What needs to be organized in my house right now? My jewelry.

What’s on my mind? I am over-night making some yummy iced coffee for work tomorrow.

What am I reading? Embrace Me by Lisa Samson. Well, I’m not reading it right now, because I’m typing this. (Stole thirty minutes reading on my lunch break. Total bliss!)

What am I up to? About to go for a run.

What am I thankful for? Every single day I receive. Truly, I wake up and thank God for another day.

What do I wish for? Mitzi/Molly my future moped (read here). And if I get her, one of these will be my helmet.

What am I tired of? This song. No.. don’t click there. I won’t do that to you. It’s basically a song that a neighbor plays overandoverandoverandoverandoverandover. You get the idea. Also, Facebook. Still on strike. Feels good. I’ve only missed Facebook when I’m extremely bored, which is not a good sign of a hobby. Time for more healthy hobbies! Missed the post? Read here.

What’s new to me: My new Twitter handle: “CleverBlackbird.” It was going to be “CleverDaw,” but I didn’t think most people would understand. Being too clever can just be plain old nerdy.

Who do I miss? My family. (whimper)

What am I happy about? My husband and I are “official partners” with the Christian church we attend. This is a fancy name for being “members,” but it also means that we more than show up, take communion, shake some hands, and go home.

Super happy. It’s a blessed life I have.
Go, and make the world happy.