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WE MADE IT! Sorta. I actually scheduled this post to be published this morning, (and then I accidentally sent it to your email box early – DUH!) so I might not have  made it to today. The way my week went, I wasn’t sure I would make it.

First of all, I have to tell you this: My hair is falling out, thanks to my double-dye job. OMG I am losing so much hair I’m afraid that soon I’ll have all those short frizzies, and nothing long and pretty. POUT! (Thank you, GNC, for your hair, skin and nails pills. I hope you work super turbo fast.)

Life is a beautiful exchange. Think about all the things we exchange. Looks and glances, words, (positive, negative, loud, soft) hugs, material items, written documents, items to a store… life is full of exchanges.

Take a moment to think about the exchange between you and Jesus. How often is there communication back and forth? How often do you meet him when he is waiting for you? How often do you reciprocate the love he poured out for you? Do you exchange your experiences and thoughts on God with others?

Sometimes the hardest person for me to invite to church is the person I’m good friends with who has different views on God. I am a very accepting person, and I do believe a bit of “to each his own.” If you know what you believe already, I respect that. Heck, I respect you even if you don’t know what you believe. I respect you if you don’t believe the same thing as me, but I will encourage you to exchange views with someone close to you. Someone who might be a little awkward to communicate “churchy stuff” with. Someone who might make you feel a little embarrassed that you went for such a long time without bringing up the subject.

Take the opportunity to share what you believe. I am forever grateful to the woman who invited me to a very different church than I was used to. Although she is not in my life anymore, her impact on me was far greater than I could ever express my thanks for.
I have an anniversary (not wedding) coming up, but more on that later.

Exchange…exchange…exchange. Meditate on that word. What does it mean to you? Who will you exchange with, and what will you exchange?