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Good morning! It’s a blessed day. Thank you, Lord, for waking me up today.
I loved morning snuggles, and driving our NEW CAR to church this morning. Yes, that’s right. New (used) car. SUV actually. I’m very excited, and full of anxiety. We got a very good deal (thank you to my husband for serving in the military, and the sales and finance guy being easy on former military [and easy on the eyes]). It took us six hours at the dealership, and lots bargaining on our part. In the end, though, I am so glad we stood up for ourselves, because we left with exactly what we wanted, for $10 more a month than our payment on the car we traded in. Sweet deal.

This morning I enjoyed a quiet ride to church to drop off my husband. On the way back, I saw three blackbirds in a field, and heavenly fog grazing the top of the grass beneath their legs. I thought I’d have luck on my side today. Then I got locked out of the house, and once finally inside, I made half a bagel, and dropped it between the fridge and the counter.

I am enjoying the quiet time while my hubs is away, so I’ve been perusing blogs all morning. I simply had to share one of my findings:

Coolest photography project.