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Good morning, loyal readers!  Today I blog from the parking lot of my dr’s office. I’m too early to even go inside. Whoops! Traffic wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.

Today I am excited to see the results of my exercise and partial starving myself (partially kidding) by seeing the numbers on the scale. Am I abnormal or what? I actually want to be weighed! It sucks that the only thing I could find to eat on my way out the door were donut holes… And I had like four. But hey, a grumbling stomach isn’t attractive!

I will be in Nashville this weekend, and I CANNOT wait! I am going on a girls only trip with a friend from church, and we will be attending a worship conference there. Heck yeah to getting out of dodge for a bit. Dodge can get boring and stale if it’s not spiced up from time to time.

Hoping to have some fun weekend pics for you all.