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I’ve been at home in bed for a week recovering from a full tonsillectomy. (If you haven’t had your tonsils out, and you do not need them taken out, DO NOT GET A TONSILLECTOMY!) During the past week, I’ve had only a few items on my to-do list. Here’s how well I’ve done:

1. Rest. Done.

2. Shower at least every other day. Done. Today I even blow-dried my hair for a few minutes so I wouldn’t get sick in the cold weather.

3. Paint my nails. Not done. Too weak/don’t care about anything but healing.

4. Dye my hair. Not done. What was I thinking to even pretend I would accomplish this task?

5. Lose weight. Done. Thanks to cringing with every single swallow. Lost at least 5 pounds.

6. Blog. Not done. Again, the only thing I cared about was healing.

I have 3 more days of resting before I return to work… maybe I’ll paint my nails, as I’m finally feeling normal. Thank you for all the prayers. Thank you to my wonderful husband for his tlc.

I also thank God for his healing; as much as I despise narcotics, I tried to use vicodin a few times, and was clearly led away from it. Children’s liqiud tylenol has served me just fine.

I also must thank my friends, sister, NCIS and Twitter for entertaining me.