Today marks the 7-day anniversary of the farewell of my oversized, drama-queen tonsils (always flaring up to get some attention). I have good news regarding yesterday’s to-do list:

Today I sat on the front porch for a few minutes to soak up some sun. For the first time all week the sky was cloudless and the sun was strong. The sun left me feeling so energized I managed to paint my nails, apply mascara, and a tiny bit of blush, so as to change my look from bed-ridden to slightly alive and slightly interested in my appearance. In high spirits, but still in bed (‘cept for the time on the porch) I spent the rest of my day on Twitter.

I love the melting pot of a Twitter feed, much more than the stale and faked friendships on Facebook. Twitter allows me to connect with as many niches as I prefer. Let me break it down for you.

I follow a group of artsy and clever crafting women from all over the world. I gaze at their creative makes, imagining myself possibly putting something similar together (someday). I follow pastors and fellow Christians who promote Bible reading and encourage people to live the Word daily, and bring glory to God in every day matters. I follow a variety of marriage mentors who promote a healthy, faithful (in more ways than one), loving relationship with spouses.  I follow people I know. I follow people I don’t know. Some follow back. Some don’t, but I enjoy the mix of different “platforms,” so to speak.

Come on, join the glittery world of Twitter.