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I spent in hour in our storage unit today looking for my Barnes and Nobles Nook. In the process, I opened almost every box we own, almost twisted and ankle, and was scared a guy with a neighboring storage unit might lock me in mine. I finally found my Nook and my winter scarves (score!) and slowly -I had lost all body strength at that time- put the carnage of boxes back together.

I spent the afternoon updating my Nook and shelving books (new feature to me!). I also purchased a book from the $.99 section, and already love it! It’s called “Accident Waiting to Happen” by Simon Wood.

Do you have a Nook? Which one? I have the first version. Do you have a Kindle? Do you prefer “regular” books or an electronic reading device?

Alright, I can’t blog anymore tonight. I have some reading to do!