It has been so darn long since I’ve logged onto WordPress that I forgot my password. Well actually I had just mistyped my username, but still… there’s dust all over my account.

I suppose I could say I’ve been living a fancy life, staying busy with events, night life, outings and social gatherings, but the truth is I’ve just been spending time as me. I’m completely content with staying home, spending the evening with the family, reading a book, studying God’s word, watching a movie, or something else simple. I’m not justifying my behavior. I’m saying it’s ok to just have a “normal” life. Mine’s been as normal as possible lately. 

A few weeks ago I realized how long it had been since my last blog, and to that I thought, “So what? I can end the year early.” I would, however, like to get back into blogging.

Perhaps I was sucked into the “instant” feel of twitter; I found less and less time to sit and read other posts.

I have some ideas brewing for 2012. Stay tuned! (Just like you have since the last time I blogged…)