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By now you all know about my beloved Nook (the original version my loving husband bought me when they were brand new on the market). You also know that I’m a big book fan, reading any chance I get. I know some people think it’s anti-social, but I just love getting lost in a book. It’s like traveling, without paying anything!

This Christmas I made the switch over to the Kindle Fire. My husband surprised me with it after much research on my part. I loved my Nook, but felt like I was running out of options with the affordable (read: under five dollars) books to purchase.


Amazon is wonderful. There are endless choices of books under five dollars, even for $99. I believe because a lot of people use the Amazon market for music, movies, and whatnot, they are able to lower the price on e-books, whereas Nook is a Barnes and Noble platform, and it’s obvious they’d have higher prices since books are really the only thing to purchase through B&N.

It seems as though a lot of my real life and Twitter friends got Kindle Fires for Christmas.

Anyone else make the switch? Who got an Ipad or other tablet?

Happy reading, folks!