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True Identity Bible for Women


“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Matthew 18:20

My church encourages its members to form smaller than small groups. We call them “2’s and 3’s groups”. The idea is for two or three (of the same-sex) people to gather together on a regular basis to be accountability partners, to read and discuss God’s word together, and share in life experiences with one another. It is good for women to meet with other women to discuss womanly things. Likewise, it’s good for men to be manly with other men! (Laughing) It is even better for them to get together to meditate about God.

Tonight my “two” and I (is she the two to my one, or am I the two to her one?) will get together for our first official meeting/gathering/drink coffee and choose a reading plan session. Not sure what to call it.

My two and I are newer friends, only introduced to each other a month or more ago at church. We both got Kindle Fires for Christmas (SCORE!) and both got new study bibles for Christmas. Totally meant to be! She’s also an incredible woman with strong faith, who is NOT afraid to pray. Awesome.

We will only be able to meet every other week for now, but we will pick a reading plan to do together. My theme for 2012 is “Daily” (you can read more here) so I will be dedicating to the Lord the time he has so graciously given to me.

The bible I got for Christmas (technically it was an anniversary gift, which makes it the best ever!) is an NIV version “True Identity” women’s study bible. It has 30 day plans where it walks you through Christ’s life in 30 days worth of scriptures. There’s a reading plan that covers the women of the Bible in-depth, there is a topical guide that is not so average with topics such as, “Parents, Failure, Expectations, Grief, Horoscopes” and more. (You can click here to read why I will never again read my horoscope.)

Below are some pictures of the best bible I’ve ever owned, and one I hold close to my heart: Maybe it will be perfect for you, too.

Myths that women believe, and the scripture to prove them false.

I truly look forward to the year 2012 and know that this is the year I will become closer to God than I thought possible. I’m sure that is welcoming trials, but with God for me, I say, “Bring it on”.

Conversations about topics most women need to hear.